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Birds of Steel has a large selection of Fighter and Bomber Aircraft from early war to late war here is a short list of planes that are both easy to fly and have good protection and armorment. 


  • Italian Fighters
  1. The first usable aircraft is the "Falco" Bi-plane
  • Tightest turn of all bi-planes
  • 2 weak .50cal Bredas
  • Slow roll rate
  • no armor
  • Smallest ammo capacity [MG armed Bi-planes]

 2.  Your first priority in this tree is to quickly unlock the M.C. 202

  • Shares the same engine as the Bf-109 E3
  • Good armor
  • Average roll rate
  • Good MG armament
  • Small ammo capacity [common to all Italian planes]
  • Superior climb rate to all but the late war allied planes
  • Same turning circle as the P-51 D5
  • German Fighters
  1. Hands down the best tree for people just starting out 
  2. Bf-109 outclasses all in climb and stability
  3. Well armored
  4. Average max speed
  5. Fw-190 is also a very good machine [fastest roll rate of any fighter in the game]
  • American Fighters
  1. Distinctly underwhelming
  2. Fastest
  3. Most ammo
  4. Mostly MG armed fighters this is a minus but in a turning fight allows you to literally hose people down
  5. DO NOT go down this tree unless you are prepared for a lot of flat spins and wing stalls
  6. Very well armored
  7. Best pacific theater fighters [Wildcat, P-40, P-47, P-51]
  8. Superb Machine guns
  • Japanese Fighters
  2. Best turning radius of any plane
  3. Decent armament [Mix of cannon and MG]
  4. Small caliber cannons
  5. Small cannon shell count
  6. Best fuel economy
  7. Contrary to real life the Zero can take a beating and stay up
  8. Easiest planes to take-off/land on Carrier decks
  9. Easy Tree to unlock
  • Soviet/USSR Fighters
  1. All planes in this tree are very well armed
  2. All planes [except for early tiers] are comparable to their German rivals
  4. No accuracy
  5. Limited fuel and ammo
  6. Below average armor
  7. Wooden wings
  8. Easily broken when pulling out of a dive and/or turning at very high speed
  9. Cheapest tree
  • British/Australian Fighters
  1. Spitfire is the European Zero
  2. Hurricane is the European Wildcat
  3. All planes [not including the Mk1a Mustang] are very good
  4. Very easy to wing stall
  5. Early tiers use Carbonated engines [Don't fly upside down]
  6. Best turning circle of all European fighters
  7. Slowest roll rate all the way down the tree
  8. Australian fighters are only used in the pacific theater



CR 42 Falco

G 50

G 50 seria 2


BF 109 e3






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